Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Amazon Break Through Novel Award

I thought I'd update you on how this is going for me. I received an invite to be one of the reviewers (as posted earlier), and I said I could do two a week. I have a link I go to and log in and there will sit my items to download and review. They are usually about 10 pages, in MS Word. So far there have been a couple of promising ones, and two real turkeys. The rest are (at least for me) just mediocre. I usually don't read contemporary fiction, and thrillers and scifi are not even in the picture for me, but I put a note on my review that I don't read those genres to be fair to the author.

It's really hard to judge where a story is going if you don't know if it's SF, Romance, a thriller, etc. The first time they sent my a spreadsheet that gave a brief description of the book and that helped me immensely, but I haven't received any updates.

From what I recall from the website, after these preliminaries are through there will be selections made for the final review process and then winner(s) chosen. So far it's been an interesting experience and I'm glad I was able to participate.


Malleus said...

You mean it's already over?

Cathy said...

No, just the first phase as I under stand it. It's kind of like the semi finals.