Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Kindle from Amazon

What do you think of it? Have you tried another ebook reader? Share your experiences, please.

Here's Bezos talking with Charlie Rose.


Cathy said...

Interesting question, and there's a similar topic going on at a an online reader forum I participate in. I'm not sure if I'm ready to graduate to the ebook form, and my experiences with reading excerpts on the computer for the ABNA tells me that I would prefer to stay with a plain old book. The reading experience just isn't the same.

Besides, the cat makes such a pestiferous nuisance of herself when I'm at the computer I much prefer the old fashioned way :-)

Stephanie said...

I have never tried an ebook before. I imagine I would have to stick to the old-fashioned way, too. I can't stare at a computer screen for hours on end! I get pretty bad headaches. I also have the same issue with the cat, multiplied by 3! I wouldn't mind trying it once though. It seems like it would be weird. I take it there are ebooks available on Amazon? Can someone point in the right direction?

Cathy said...

Every once and a while I see them pop up on Amazon, next time I see one I'll post a link for you.

LOL about the cat. She gets all excited and purry and swishes her tail around until she knocks over the water bottle and scares herself silly.

Malleus said...

That's a valid concern (reading off of a CRT): I too can't read off of the computer screen, at least not a lot; anything more than a page or two gives me headaches (and destroys my vision, I feel).

But ebook readers, at least the latest ones, use a different display technology: 'ink' -- that is, the screen appears as if written with ink, approximating a regular book-print in that it's very high resolution, is not constantly refreshed (written once and stays that way, no flicker), and has to be read in reflected, rather than direct, light. This must be about the same as reading stuff off of paper.

Cathy said...

Call me an old fogey, but nothing will ever beat crawling up in a comfy chair with a good book. A real book that is. Is the Kindle small enough to go anywhere? Airplane? Beach? Jury duty (that sucked) Workable on the treadmill while doing cardio?

Stephanie said...

different display technology: 'ink'

You have lost me! Is that where the light from the computer is toned down? That is what does it it for me. I would like to see one of these ebooks. When I get the chance I will definitely check it out. But I agree with Cathy. I cannot get comfy enough in my computer chair.

Malleus said...

No, the light isn't toned down, there is no light from the computer. It actually draws text on screen, like if it were printed in ink and then the ink simply stays there (until you go to another page). This thing is not like a computer display in that respect. Partially, this is needed in order to bring the computer's power consumption down -- the computer screen uses power all the time it's on, the 'ink' one only when drawing a page the first time.

Cathy, yes, the thing appears to be small enough to take anywhere. It's about the size of a paperback and it is thinner.

Cathy said...

"But I agree with Cathy. I cannot get comfy enough in my computer chair."

Let alone having lap room for the kitty cat, eh? Mine gets between the book and my face and kneads all over me :-)

Stephanie said...

"Let alone having lap room for the kitty cat, eh? Mine gets between the book and my face and kneads all over me :-)"

Yes, I love the little ichy red patches left on the skin from their claws!

Malleus, I know the computer dosen't have light. I should have said brightness. Which hurts my eyes, just like when I drive at night and the street lights and headlights bother me. I know the brightness can be toned down, however that doesn't work for me.

Cathy said...


"Yes, I love the little ichy red patches left on the skin from their claws!"

Been there done that. I also have the issue from the little holes developing in my at home t shirts. That one makes some serious biscuits/bread/kneading :-)

Stephanie said...


Are we boring you yet??

Are you a cat person?

scotdog98 said...

This is probably going to be the wave of the future. I remember as a teen thinking my mom needed to "get with the times". As I get older (with teens myself) I have to laugh when I find myself resistant to new technology.

On one hand I am all for "saving a few trees" on the other I have to wonder how many batteries this thing takes. It won't suprise me if within a few years society goes more & more paperless.

Also with a price tag of $400 it will be a while before I am ready to check it out seriously.

Malleus said...

No, you're not boring me, I do like cats. Dont' have one though: I'm allergic to them... if I touch a cat I immediately begin sneezing, my eyes become itchy and watery, and I have to wash hands and face; then it goes away. Now, the problem is, if there's a cat around, how can you not to grab it? :-)

Cats are fun though, I can watch them for hours (they seem to understand that they're watched and do a strip dance sorta thing, stretching and rolling and what not). Very funny creatures.

Malleus said...

Here's Bezos talking with Charlie Rose about the Kindle:

Cathy said...

Malleus, how unfortunate to be allergic to cats. I enjoy nothing better than to curl up in a comfy chair with a good book and a furry purry kitty cat cuddled next to me.

Scottdog98, interesting thoughts. Where can this go? Will books become a thing of the past? What will happen to our libraries? Book stores? What will happen if I nod off whilst reading my kindle instead of a book and my kindle goes flying off the bed when I roll over instead of the book?