Thursday, November 8, 2007

A top reviewer supporting bootleg products?

See for yourself,

Even more curious is why does Amazon allow bootleg items to be sold on their site?


Malleus said...

Amazon may be ethically challenged in some respects, but when, instead of the spirit, it comes to the letter of law, I'm sure they're fine: surely they have a legal department. If they sell it, it's gotta be OK.

Moreover, the 'real' item appears to be out of print. Who's preventing the original manufacturer from flooding the marketplace with the thing?

In cases like that, I'm all for bootlegging. I don't like when people 'sit' on something jacking up the price. If you own something people want, make and sell it, make money and god bless ya. But if you don't (and if I had my druthers :-), I would take their rights away from them.

Cathy said...

Intersting, krossD has made several comments on #11's reviews on odd-ball items that are several years old. Across the board, each comment had 0 of 4 helpful (until I came along to vote). Does he have four devoted Amazon friends/fans that watch his reviews for comments to vote on? Or does he have four Amazon accounts to puff his helpful votes with?


Malleus said...

Could be either (or both), who knows. The system can be easily tweaked... I mean, not tweaked, but, uhm, used. :-)