Saturday, December 29, 2007

All in the Family

Here is a glowing over-the-top review of a book by Grady Harp admirer, Betty Dravis:

"I bought this book from and took it on vacation with me. When I started reading The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley, I couldn't put it down! My hubby was calling me to dinner and I kept saying, "Wait a minute!" It is a great book, fun-filled and really holds your interest. All the way through, my imagination was at work picturing all the wonderful characters, it was almost as if I were in the book myself! I love the ending! What a surprise! The characters are so cute, I can totally imagine this book being made into a movie! I hope Disney or Time Warner or Pixar gets ahold of this book! WOW! You will absolutely love it. I guarantee it! Thanks Author, Betty Dravis for such a good book! "

This review was written by one Debra A. Pangborn who just happens to be Betty's daughter. I am sure that is a sincere heart-felt hope that Disney would decide the "toonies" were movie worthy, it would be nice to have a very wealthy mother. On the other hand, it's rather difficult to believe she had to buy a copy of her mother's book from


Stanley H Nemeth said...

Brava for this discovery! The richly comic plot thickens. The behavior of such persons as Betty's daughter et al. belongs in a satiric novel, with its theme the decline and fall of the notion of conflict of interest.

Barbara Delaney said...

Betty is now claiming that her daughter left a disclaimer on her review clearly stating that Betty is her mother. There may in fact be such a disclaimer there now, there was not as the review initially appeared. Here is Betty's latest vigorous defense:

"In reply to an earlier post on Jan 4, 2008 10:13 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 5, 2008 12:08 AM PST
*Betty Dravis* says:
I won't honor Cross with a response to cruelty and deceitfulness ... on HIS (or her?) part. And why isn't this person saying whether they are male or female? What is s/he hiding?

But you who are my true Amazon Friends know me better than that. I am an honorable person and admit freely that I do promote my books. We in the profession call it BSP (blatant self-promotion).

This message is for my true friends:
Both KROSS and BARBARA DELANEY (whom I believe to be another pseudonym s/he's using, and how's that for deceit?) ... well, s/he LIED about my daughter pretending to be just another reviewer. It's true, she reviewed my first book because she was and is proud of her mother and my many life accomplishments. I've won awards from the City of San Jose all the way up to the State Senate for my civic contributions to society, and don't deserve to be attacked by the "sickos" of this world.

Here is the exact disclaimer my daughter put at the end of her review:
<< P.S. I got the sneak preview of each chapter because the author is my mom! And, of course, I'm not prejudiced. Right! >>

How is that for THE TRUTH? (It shows my daughter's sense of humor, too; very endearing to me.)

I don't recall if Debbie reviewed the other two novels or not, but I'll go back and check ... just as soon as I come to terms with the loss of my beloved sister who passed away in Florida today.

I have some reviews from quite prestigious people and am very proud of my books and my reviews.

I'm sorry to my other true Amazon Friends that you have to be subjected to people like this.

As for NO votes on reviews; I don't believe in them. I have NEVER--or will I ever--give a NO vote. If I don't like a review, I simply ignore it. On comments, however, I have no qualms with clicking on the NO button.

And FYI, Barbara, my daughter (L'il Deb, as you call her, for whatever reason) has purchased about a hundred of my books ... as gifts and for promotional reasons ... just because she wants to. Not that I asked her to, and she knows I would have given her one ... or many, if she wanted me to. That's just the kind of daughter she is; interested in all my projects and endeavors. She would pass them out to everyone, if she could afford THAT many; that's how proud she is of me and my work! I'm equally proud to have her love and support! YES, I did raise her well, along with her five siblings!

As for Grady, he has been my mentor for several years and he advises me to ignore people like this, which I'm attempting to do, but when this sad person brings my daughter into the "debate" ... well, that's when I draw the line. Sorry, Grady. "

It's amazing how defensive these people can become when this type of blatant deception is pointed out. And what on earth is her obsession with KrossD's gender?! There has never been any refusal on KrossD's part to reveal gender but how is that any of Betty's or anyone elses's business? As for people appearing under multiple names, this group of "top" reviewers pioneered that particular sham.

I've now been accused of being the same person as Stanley Nemeth, JJJS, and now KrossD. I'm flattered that anyone could mistake my posts with theirs, all three eloquent and witty writers. What a compliment! Yay me!

Malleus said...

:-)))) Where is this saga unfolding? I'd love to take a look.