Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thomas Jiffeylube?

Has anyone else received a request from a Thomas Jiffeylube for "an interview" from a contributor to the HKAS? I've received two e-mails from him now, though I'm kind of loath to open them for fear they could actually be fatally virused communications from, say , a Grady Harp, MMMarie, or JP Picks. I'm not tempermentally inclined to paranoia, but when you're dealing with matters Amazon, it never hurts to be cautious.


scotdog98 said...

I did.


Barbara Delaney said...

There's no need to fear these emails, they're legitimate. It's just another name for someone with whom you're very familiar.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Malleus said...

Stanley, look at the actual address of this personage. I think that'll help to alleviate your concerns ;-) .

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Lon Chaney was the man of 1000 faces, Malleus the man of 1000 names ;-).

Malleus said...

Btw, Stanley, these requests appear to be from two different people.

That aside, I like your prudence: you can't imagine the amount of spam this mailbox gets, it's truly staggering. You just can't be too careful online, especially with publicly available addresses.

Barbara Delaney said...

Take a look at the latest comment from one of Amazon's "top" reviewers:

Taylor X says:
Do I look like I give a damn what you think, Problem Child? Yeah, I know it's you, you alias-using douche bag.

Your reply to Taylor X's post:
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This is the third time Taylor X has used this particular misogynistic slur against an Amazon customer. He has also used the word "cunt" on two occasions and "homo" more times than I can remember. In one of his first responses to a comment from KrossD Taylor X replied "go back to your gay lover, homo" yet Taylor X still has posting privileges while KrossD had all of his comments removed.

Amazon's double standard and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Malleus said...

They simply don't read any of that. If a bunch of people click on 'report this', I think they'll remove it. I don't recommend doing it though: let it hang there, as a demonstration. Also, I think comments like that are harmful to their posters, so... how soon will DarthX delete and repost this review?