Saturday, December 22, 2007

Deleted by Amazon 37 minutes ago.......

Well, it appears Amazon has found TaylorX's list of blacklisted people either offensive or to be spam. We'll never know, but it appears they have been deleted. And for those who missed it, it's still listed in his In My Own Words on his profile page,

"THE FOLLOWING USERS ARE BLACKLISTED FROM POSTING IN MY FORUMS. If you see a comment from one of them, ignore it:-KrossD-Problem Child-Vote Wh*re-MarieMM-Rachel-Henry The 8th-Keyboard Fetishes-Any alias used by the above users "


Stanley H Nemeth said...

Yay Amazon, maybe!

scotdog98 said...

Looks like he, Taylor X, was deleted by Amazon . . . his comments at least.