Friday, December 14, 2007


Hello all,

I just wanted to share this with you.

I had this crazy idea to ask all the heads of THE CIRCLE to "be my Amazon friend". I just wondered if anyone would take me up on it, what with my impeccable standing in the community and all. my surprise BettyDravis accepted immediately and sent me an e-mail.
This is what she said:

<<<<"Hello, KrossD,

I'm pleased that you invited me to be your new Amazon Friend. I gladly accept.I'll check your profile and go YES a few of your reviews. I could use a few more YES votes, too, because I'm close to the Magical 1000 ... only 25 points and I'll be an official Amazon Reviewer. Yay me! I'll check on your page from time to time and e me if you want more info about me or my writing. Please check my new blog which is an update on my current WIPs (Works In Progress).

Thanks again,

Sadly, I think she'd already given me NO votes therefore her yes won't take...but at least I have a new friend. Yay me!


Stanley H Nemeth said...

Crazy? You are a genius! Do you think if you wrote a similar letter to JP Picks he'd come out of the woodwork, too?

Cathy said...

I love it!

Malleus said...

:-)))))) Ah you slimy bastard you! You tricked poor Betty Dravis! This is incredible. I said these guys are dumb as logs, but they seem to be even dumber than that. They will all appear one day on the Stupid Criminals TV show.

Now, you're very wrong about NO votes vs YES votes. I've determined that empirically: you can vote one way and later change your previous vote, just make sure to click a few times in the opposite direction. So Betty Dravis is fully empowered to give you as many 'helpful' votes as she wants, regardless from how she voted on your reviews in the past. And don't you forget to return the favour!

Finally, let me congratulate you on your successful joining of The Voting Team(TM). TNGHVM must and will be infiltrated!

Barbara Delaney said...

The Magical 1000? Well, I guess we all have to have a reason to get up in the morning, a purpose to our lives and Betty has found hers. I am curious as to what is "magical" about being in the top 1000. Although it does seem abundantly clear that Amazon does tolerate a significant amount of obscenity from "top" reviewers. Taylor X, also known as Darth Komissar, continues to call people douche bags and pricks and when he comments as Sherrie L. Carson, (one of his many clever disguises), he has been known to call people dicks and pieces of garbage. Amazon will sometimes reluctantly and slowly remove these offensive posts but never do they take the kind of action against him that they've taken against Scotdog, John, JJJS, KrossD and many others. And now Betty can use obscenities with impunity. Yay her!

Barbara Delaney said...

Check out this hilarious comment from Taylor X, also known as Darth Komissar.

Taylor X says:
THE FOLLOWING USERS ARE BLACKLISTED FROM POSTING IN MY FORUMS. If you see a comment from one of them, ignore it:
-Problem Child
-Vote Whore
-Henry The 8th
-Keyboard Fetishes
-Any alias used by the above users

Your reply to Taylor X's post:
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WTF is he talking about "his" forums? Clearly he has delusions of grandeur.

Cathy said...

I'm just waiting to see if he gets banned for spamming on his own reviews. Pompous ass.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

While you're at it, also check out the latest postings by Grady Harp. He's approaching the 200-helpful-vote mark for some of the dreck he's recently written glowing, forgettable blurbs about. Remarkable that neither he nor Amazon gives a second thought to his transparent gaming of the system. What has happened to graceful deceit? The only thing worse than being Machiavellian, after all, is being so clumsy at it.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Speaking of Harpies dumb as logs, check out Betty Dravis' rationale for allegedly buying books Grady Harp reviews without her first going through the trouble of reading what he has to say. Her posting is in the Comments section beneath Harp's review of the novel "The Filly."