Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Chippindale Manoeuvre

A Chippindale update: here it comes
Initial post: 27 Jun 2008 22:45 BST
SpellingBee says:
Yep, these are great little books

J. Chippindale says:
Yes they are very good value for money and packed with information

one-eyed Jack says:
J Chippindale and Spellingbee are one and the same person. The sadness reaches new depths.
:-))))) (I had to quote 'cause the guy most likely will delete and repost that thing.) I guess, upon givng this matter his careful consideration, J.Chippindale decided not to sue 1eJack after all and instead resort to supportive sock-puppets. Very wise, says I.


Cathy said...

Oops, looks like there's some deleted by Amazon going on,

Malleus said...

Both parties got hit, I see no pattern. The wipeout machines thrashes in all directions.

one-eyed Jack said...

I was close, but not exactly right. It has emerged that J Chippindale is not the only Chippindale to post on that User ID. His daughter Helen (surname as yet unknown, but she's a physician/doctor) posts in the comments section and to be fair makes no secret of her identity. But there are two grandsons of J Chippindale who are worth a mention. First there's Daniel. He's 12, he's Helen's son, and apparently he has posted quite a few of his grandather's reviews, which the old man has recorded on a portable dictation device. Questionable as to whether that breaks Amazon rules, but forgettable when you learn about the other grandson and the nephew of Helen. He has created an account called SpellingBee that shows a 'real name' of Jonathan Chippindale, but Helen says that Jonathan is her brother's name and that her nephew must be using his father's name for the billing address. In heated exchanges SpellingBee claimed to be female, thus further confusing the issue, so a new story could be spun every day. The good news though is that the old man and his daughter Helen are furious at 'SpellingBee' for not telling them what he had done - this explained why J Chippindale stoutly denied that he and SpellingBee were one and the same person - and as he has allegedly agreed to delete all 2400 of his reviews (moral victory!) he may ask the unpopular grandson 'son of Jonathan' to delete them all one by one.

It's all rather embarassing for the family but I'm pleased that I pursued him because I was always convinced of a variety of wrongdoings, not the least of which is plagiarism - something Amazon will act on quite severely as long as full evidence is provided.

J Chippindale should disappear from the ranking table soon, or at least slowly but surely slide away.