Saturday, June 28, 2008

Harriet Klausner Likes Blogs on

Turns out that our hero, Harriet Klausner, has set up not one, not two, but six different blogs on (here, that is; on this very server) alone. All dedicated to book reviews, needelss to say. Remarkable, isn't it? I knew there was one, but six? Actually, this is a great venue, because this sort of blog shows the monthly number of posts, which, in HK case, means the number of reviews. It's consistently in low 200s. Harriet's no slacker.


Stanley H Nemeth said...

Your discovery raises the following question: Like the guy who runs those Starbucks shops, which outpace rabbits in the reproducing game, is Harriet Klausner actually the sole proprietor of her operations, or has she become just another franchise? Inquiring minds want to know.

Malleus said...

Oh, I could easily believe she's become a "brand name" by now. After all, producing numerous reviews a day for a decade must be an awful lot of work, even if they're no more than regurgitated dust-jacket copy.