Thursday, June 26, 2008

W.Boudville's Quest for Credibility

As is well known by now, W.Boudville possesses an impeccably positive (four stars) reviews record of a humanly impossible gigantic size. Having reviewed half a dozen scientific treatises a day for a very long time, he probably realised at last that no one can believe he actually reads these books, especially since his ratings are overwhelmingly positive (he likes four stars, probably in a mistaken opinion that an all-four- , rather than all-five-star record will make his record look less absurd).

Could this be an explanation of his strangest ever habit of, once in a blue moon, picking a book or two and slamming it on most idiotic grounds? Just so he has some negative reviews? Today we have another recurrence of this inexplicable pattern: he reviewed two books, one, a computer book published in 1980, which he slammed for being obsolete, and another one, titled Teach Yourself Basic Computer Skills, which he slams for being too basic ! :O

You just can't make up stuff like that. Truly.


Stanley H Nemeth said...

American children are said to have very few adults of singular achievement on whom to model their lives these days. But this is to allow them to ignore the glut of worthies who abound as Amazon Top Reviewers. Naturally, I blame parents for this oversight. Although I may be accused of unwarranted skepticism, I'd be surprised to hear that any of these impovrished kids have been advised to choose W.Boudville, Grady Harp, or Harriet Klausner as a pattern for imitation. "How sharper than a child's tooth it is to have a thankless serpent"...or do I have things just backwards?

Malleus said...

No, no, you got it exactly right. I thought of this myself: what a splendid example of civic duty everyone of these guys is. It is not for nothing that we tend to attribute especial dignity and wisdom to age! AARP should be proud.