Monday, June 16, 2008

Those Harriet supporters can be found in the strangest places

Interesting discussion on Harriet and her reviews on the Amazon Romance Forums, it's always refreshing to read comments from those who haven't been jaded by the whole Harriet reviewing machine. I did see one comment that gave me a few good chuckles,

"I have trusted Harriet's reviews for years and I have seen lots of negative reviews from her." Now, if I'm not mistaken we've only seen one three star review from Harriet and nothing lower.

"If she gives a book a great review especially if it is a new author I have never heard of I buy it and she is usually hits it right on the nail." Really and truly?

"I find her reviews accurate and compelling and not a copy of the back cover........ " I'm not even touching that one.


Malleus said...

Oh, this is astroturf, 100% pure.

Btw, the author of the excerpts you quoted, "Betsy Lord", goes on to say (among other things), "[a]nd as far as reading books, I am retired and probably read anywhere from 75 to 100 books a month". Yeah, Betsy, I'm sure you do, we believe you... have you seen any flying pigs lately?

Btw, "Betsy" wrote some reviews too ( , but only a small number of them; she's no Harriet (good for her).

Cathy said...

"I am retired and probably read anywhere from 75 to 100 books a month"

I was tempted to go there but I decided to behave myself. BTW, our stellar reviewer from the UK has been receiving some interesting comments on Amazon US, especially this interesting "oops",

I don't think I've even seen Harriet post a review for a book on a DVD. Wrong review for wrong book, but we're getting into new territory here.

Malleus said...

Heh, not bad :-) . But now, didn't our dear old Hattie once post a review for a wrong book too?

Cathy said...

Yes, she's done that on more than one occasion. What's funny is how many people find that kind of review helpful :o