Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fraud Hattie 64 posts yesterday

I put this in one of her "reviews" and thought I'd post it here too:

Seek gibberish and ye shall find it in Hatties fake reviews.

In the 64 fake reviews that Fraud Hattie posted yesterday:

We had 7 occurrences of one her all time classics: "with a sixteen years old daughter Emma" "sixteen years old Winn" "eleven years old Anna and fifteen years old Luca" (twice in the same sentence yet!) "two years old Lainey" "her six years old son Zack" "seven years old Ciro Lazzari" and "her three years old son Jack"

Surprisingly, I found only a half dozen or so "relish"'s

And, even more surprisingly, only one "over the top of": "Over the top of "Mt. Trashmore""

The readers/fans that shall remain motionless made 5 appearances: one with some "relish" "Still fans will relish" and one "Still erotica fans"

TRUTH, I only found one of your favorites: "The support cast adds humorous New York shtick cynicism" and three of your other favorite "Sub-genre"'s.

Fast-paced was used only 14 times, here we have it used twice in the same sentence: "The fast-paced storyline combines glamour and desire with wrenching crime scenes in a fast-paced global twisting cat and mouse thriller."

7 were "action-packed" and 3 "never slowed down". We even had an “armchair time travelers” along with a new one: “readers fans will enjoy”, come on Hattie, “readers fans”?

“With a sort of Mork in Men In Black lampooning” Now that’s just plain funny!

Ok, done for a while.


Malleus said...

Yeah, I just read it there. Why don't you add a link to this review where this comment originally appeared? Otherwise it's not clear what you're talking about.

Malleus said...

All right, I'll do that for you, don't worry.

buck210 said...

I was going to do that but got lazy, thanks for putting it in there!