Friday, April 6, 2012

More Deleted-By-Amazon (?)

Once again Amazon bumped someone off. Anyone remember who and what that was? (Amazon's new fashion is to delete not only the post but also the poster's name, so it's harder to figure out what the reasons for the deletion might have been.)


buck210 said...

Not sure what the original one was on Jan 8th, but, the one on Apr 6the was me.

I can guess as to why it was deleted and my only thought was that I cut and paste "THE HARD DETECTIVE is not an easy character to like because Harriet expects perfection at all costs, which makes her seem unbearable and intolerant.” I’m sure you can see how easy it would be to make fun of that quote from Fraud HK. It was deleted immediately after I posted it, so, as I've seen others get deleted because of upper case so I can only assume that's why it was deleted as there was nothing else out of the ordinary that I've posted before, stuff like fraud and making fun of grammar/etc.

I may try posting another with some “ALL CAPS” and see if it get’s bumped automatically.

Malleus said...

I really doubt it had anything to do with caps. Never seen any evidence to support that caps theory... From what you say, I see no reasons for the deletion (unless you posted your comment multiple times in multiple reviews, but it seems like it was not the case). Not really sure... Now, naturally, Amazon doesn't look at comments: deletions appear to happen after 10-11 "report this" clicks take place, I think (maybe not just this, but from my limited testing this number would, in most cases, result in a deletion after some time).

Maybe the Klausner Protection Squad did the clicking and your post was deleted either automatically (who knows, maybe this also is possible) or upon Amz's taking a peek and deciding it was "not nice". How nice it is for Amazon to flood the site with industrial quantities of shill reviews from Klausner and the rest, that we'll leave as an exercise for the reader here.

buck210 said...

Just for fun, I posted the all caps quote from Hattie for a test and it's still there so that isn't the cause.

I can't remember exactly what esle I said in the original, nothing that I haven't posted in other comments that are still there. I know I called her a Fraud and that Amz should not let her post anymore rubbish and more of the usual "she doesn't read the books" etc.

I don't think it was the protection squad as it baffled me that it was deletetd just seconds after I posted it. I wish I could remember exactly what I said in the original now as I want to test it to see what could have caused it.

"not nice", yes, it was not nice. What they deem as being not nice???

buck210 said...

Ok, I think I may know the answer, when I ripped that statement apart, I think I may have directly called Hattie unbearable and intolerant and that everything she says is imperfect at all costs, or something like that...

Malleus said...

A very strange story. If you had used any "forbidden" words, you wouldn't have been able to post it to begin with. But if you did post it, and it got blown away in a matter of seconds -- then I gotta say it's something I've never seen yet. Keep watching, maybe we're about to learn something! ('course, otoh, they've been changing the site lately, so maybe it was simply a computer glitch (?) who knows...)