Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TChris on Klausner

Poster "TChris" chimes in:
TChris says:
This is one of 22 "reviews" Ms. Klausner posted (so far) during the early morning hours of April 10 -- a significant number but one that pales in comparison to the 82 she posted on April 3. The same reviewer posted 211 "reviews" during the month of January, 203 in February, and a similar number in March. That's an average of almost seven books a day, every day of the week, that Ms. Klausner claims to have read and reviewed. Her torrid pace for April, however, exceeds 10 books per day. No wonder her "reviews" are so often laden with factual errors. Each and every book she's reviewed during the last several years she has deemed worthy of four or five stars. Readers should keep these facts in mind as they consider whether to rely upon her opinions.

Hey, Bozos, we know you'd hate to do that, but isn't it time you "clean up your stables"?

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