Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun with ARAT, Part One

As of August 8, 2013:

Harriet Klausner had posted 29,122 reviews.

Of the books reviewed, 408 were Amazon Verified Purchases.

104 were Vine books.

The average length was 245.8 words.

The most common word count (mode) is 275.

The shortest was 39 words.

The longest was 604 words.

The most helpful had 11 of 1 helpful votes.  That's 1100%!

And the least helpful (not counting reviews with no votes) has 6 of
320 helpful votes.  That's 1.9%.

Average helpful votes per review is 3.84.

Average unhelpful votes per review is 1.40.

The review with the most comments:

39,646 comments have been posted.

21,094 reviews have no comments at all!  (Let's get cracking, folks.)

The date with the most reviews posted is Halloween 2004 (that's the
infamous "140-review-dump" day).

1-star reviews: 0
2-star reviews: 3
3-star reviews: 81
4-star reviews: 10,356
5-star reviews: 18,682

Average star rating is 4.64.


Bev said...

Good stuff, Sneaky!

She's been a very naughty, but very busy girl, our Hattie.

And man, do we have our work cut out for us. 21,094 "reviews" with no comments. Ouch! We've only covered about 25% -- that is just mind-numbing to even try to fathom. Not to mention depressing...

Chick Pilot said...

Well done Sneaky!

Deborah Hern said...

I feel that I'm falling down on the job, here. I used to find her reviews after I'd read a book, and posted a comment, fixing her mistakes and misstatements (or lies.) I'd better get back to it!

Malleus said...

What is this thing? ARAT, I mean.

Sneaky Burrito said...

Amazon Reviewer Analysis Tool. I learned about it in the top reviewers forum on Amazon.

Read about it here: