Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some of Harriet's Favorite Words

The following are counts of words from all Harriet's reviews associated with her current "reviewing" account on Amazon (as of August 8, 2013).

We have the ubiquitous fans and readers:

Fans: 13,163
Readers: 13,925

Sometimes they're motionless, though:

Still fans (no comma): 398
Still, fans: 41
Still readers (no comma): 153
Still, readers: 17

Sometimes other things are motionless, as well:

Still: 8,107

Except when they're "fast-paced" or "action-packed."

Fast-paced: 4,283
Action-packed: 1,875 

A couple of other overused adjectives:

Entertaining: 3,380
Exciting: 4,091
Engaging: 2,170
Terrific: 3,891
Fantastic: 622

We have the occasional personal pronoun/reference:

I: 1,290
Me: 779
My: 700

This reviewer: 480

A humorous malapropism:

Opening gamut: 60

Werewolf (shifter) genetics:

Lycan: 130
Half-breed: 191
Hybrid: 244
Purebred: 170

Some favorite SUB-GENRES:  

Sub-genre: 2,064
Amish: 305
Second chance: 1,004
Police procedural: 1,879

Thriller: 9,240
Heated romance: 38
Amateur sleuth: 1,954

Couple of F-bombs:

Fraud: 208
Fake: 264

A handful of terms essential to any literary critic (not):

Support cast: 1,483
Fully developed: 1,048
Character driven: 1,172

Grips the reader: 157
Grips the audience: 572
Rotating perspective(s): 77

Everybody's favorite condiment:

Relish: 1,937

A few more "Hattie Specials."

Over the top of: 407
Twist(ing): 2,261
BFF: 544
Tweener: 203

Tsuris: 82

A derogatory term for people with mental disabilities:

Retarded: 12 

A fecal fixation:

Shit: 13
Sh*t: 34

And then THIS STUFF:

Lower head: 56
Third leg: 14
Penis: 53
Vagina: 15

Cunt: 3
Blow job: 3

XXX: 29


Bev said...

She really needs to upgrade her word-generating software!

Embee said...

She really needs to be stopped!

Good job, Sneaky!

Malleus said...

You forgot here supreme malapropism: "entreating" (in the sense of "endearing" or something like it). She was told a billion times about it, but she (mulishly, I must say) sticks to "entreating". To be honest, sometimes I wonder if she's really a mental patient of some sort. Her whole "career" is kind of "unhealthy" to being with...

Malleus said...

I meant "her supreme malapropism", not "here supreme..".

Sneaky Burrito said...

Well, I am working on a follow-up post. All suggestions for search terms and/or known errors are welcome. I'll add that one to the list.