Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Doubting Thomas

N.Brett writes:
... this review seems to be mainly lifted from the book jacket or a publishers brief ...
Why can't people believe that Harriet actually does read five hundred books a day and that her reviews are absolutely rivitting?


Stanley H Nemeth said...

Sadly, we live in an age of scandalously little faith, one in which even white-haired old ladies who bill themselves as speed-reading prodigies of smutty prophetic romances are regarded with unwarranted skepticism.
O Tempora! O Mores!

Cathy said...

Smutty romances indeed. I am irked to no end to see that a review I wrote, that included the words "breast enhancement issues" has been edited by Amazon to remove the word breast. It was a lighthearted book and a considerable portion of the last half of the book had to do with the cost of one person's certain operation. I thought breast enhancement was much more appropriate a term than boob job.

To see an edit like this, when the Dirty Old Lady Harriet's reviews remain with such inappropriate, vulgar language for any child to see has me steaming!

Malleus said...

They must have some kind of automated word-watching there. Stuff like "crap" or "gay" won't make it (the last one even if used as 'merry' I think). Which is interesting btw, 'cause I thought "gay" was a PC-approved term.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Even Shakespeare, though not Harriet, is bowdlerized by the priggish censoring device at Amazon.
In reviews of "King Lear," principal villain Edmund the Bastard is altered to Edmund the [...]! Whose sensibilities are actually being protected by such demented primness? Surely not the underage reviewers who these days could probably teach all of us adults lots of vulgar words beyond our wildest imaginings.