Thursday, September 27, 2007

David Oakford strikes back!

Haven't seen this yet. Lack of ethics and a feeble mind, combined with a blissful absence of awareness of the two: such is the psychological portrait of an aspiring writer who's just made his entrance on one of the Amz comments section.

Check out the exchange between our old friend Gregory Callahan and poster 'David'. Here's a guy who openly threatens a commenter with retaliation for commenting under a review of his book. Mind you, comments are about a review, not the book itself (not that there would be anything wrong the other way too). Finally, for the lazy readers, here's a quote:
David writes:

Since you seem to think it is OK to spam and conduct personal attacks through comments on other people's reviews, I've decided to hit every one of your reviews with the same type of thing you've done to this review. I mean, you must think it is OK because you do it.

You can avert all of this by removing your comment from my review, then and only then will I stop spamming your reviews. You want dialogue, you got it.
Aaaaand.... here's a few signs showing that poster 'David' is fully intended to make good on his threats ! Incidentally, poster 'David' apparently has no problem with um... reviewing his own books and, yes, you guessed it, giving them top, five-star ratings.

Quoth Albert Einstein: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." Truly so, eh?


Stanley H Nemeth said...

"David," according to Grady Harp, has grown and benefited from a journey to the world of spirit. One shudders at the thought of what the guy was like BEFORE.
Bilious Stan

Malleus said...

"'Tis better to keep your mouth shut and be suspected of being a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." This is all very entertaining.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Sadly, the unwitting comedians in this latest Harp episode have deleted all their comments. And I was looking forward to yet more amusement! How is a person now to pass an otherwise tedious afternoon?

scotdog98 said...

Is this site about HK, Grady or maybe needs to be re-titled "Top Amazon reviewers who . . .

Malleus said...

I wanted but neglected to grap a snapshot of that thread. Now it's gone forever, oh well... till next time, I guess. There will be more idiots, I fear.

Scotdog, yes, I was thinking about this... but I think the HK title focuses the proceedings. Don't you think? Not that we don't love the rest of our friends Top Reviewers, but let's be honest, no one does it with such panache and abandon as Dame Harriet :-)