Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dear old Harriet reviews SEVENTY-FIVE (75) books today.

Seventy-five on Sept 4; overall in September (which is not quite four-days old as of right now), Harriet Klausner reviewed eighty (80) books. That is twenty books a day on average.
Off topic: Captain, ave atque vale. Schadenfroh.


Stanley H Nemeth said...

She would probably have posted more reviews, but no doubt she had some Labor Day family obligations which interfered with her usual speed reading. Please be tolerant and understanding of her slowdown.
By the way, I plead ignorance. Who's the late Captain, and what's the occasion for schadenfreude? Please clarify.

Malleus said...

You're right, Stanley, I should have thought about this.

Captain is FTF/amphibsy; 'schadenfroh' is the word he once posted about six million times in the Harp threads as if to celebrate my banishment; the occasion is his sudden surfacing with the usual garbage and immediate wipeout by Amazon. Sometimes they do the right thing, one must admit.

Barbara Delaney said...


I distinctly remember your being instructed, quite harshly, not to make claims that Harriet Klausner "read" and reviewed twenty books a day. Never mind that you have the facts in front of you. As one of our nation's presidents once said, "Facts are stupid things.", and it appears one of our duller-witted commenters agrees with this declaration wholeheartedly. Never mind the facts. Repeat after me: Harriet Klausner "reads" no more than two books a day. Pay no attention to that pesky thing called reality.