Sunday, September 16, 2007


MM (Marie), the indisputable queen of jabberwocky, has apparently made good on her threat to disappear and return as a sockpuppet. All of her recent cryptic utterances have been deleted by author, though now under the nom de plume of "Sarah Goldberg." I wonder if Sarah will post her future comments not in adolescent "code," but in intelligible English. Can she? Will she? Inquiring minds want to know.


Malleus said...

Stanely, that's because this Reggie guy stole her identity there. Well, 'identity', since Amazon really does not enforce nom-de-guerres' uniquenesses of posters (which I don't blame them for, that'd be too much). He ('Reggie') has posted something as "MM" himself! Now, that is low, in my opinion. MM doesn't bother anyone, so live and let live.

Barbara wrote:
> My concern recently has been focused on writing
> to Senators and members of Congress
Oh, you'd better return to Amazon comments, I think. Writing to Congress! Man, I pretty certain that goes into the circular file on arrival.

> The hawks in Washington led by Cheney are pushing
> for military action against Iran.
Long overdue, in my humble opinion. Where is Zbigniew "The Bommbbing Campaign" Brzezinski (sp?) when you need him... bomb the evildoers! War Is Good! War Is Fun!

Stanley H Nemeth said...

My recent attention to MM has to do with her unwarranted surmise, expressed in one of her fairly recent postings, that yours truly is very possibly "the Ghost." Clearly she's paid me too high an honor, so civility demanded I pay my respects upon discovering her demise and then instant resurrection as Sarah Goldberg. In any event, I'm happy to see participants on this blog ready and willing to differ with one another on specific points. In this we're unlike, I'd argue, so many of the lemmings, say, in the Grady Bunch. For the record, neither Amazon nor MM herself is the center of my universe, but I thought the suspicious and oracular lady deserved some barb of sarcasm from me, the non-Ghost.
Where, by the way, can the full story of her stolen identity be found? I await the details with bated breath.

Malleus, I happen to agree with you on the Middle East.
The sooner we convert it all into a concrete parking lot, the more quickly our leaders can fully realize their covert schemes for wealth and power. Our current gradualism is far too trying for men's souls.

Malleus said...

The traces of the MM identity theft have been erased: 'Reggie' hastily retreated (as he should have). Both 'MMs' then deleted all or near-all of their comments, so nothing can be observed anymore.

Current gradualism, yes. Well, being just another Jow Blow, I don't really know how things of that nature are done. Can we do it? Should we do it? I don't' know, but if we can and we do, I think it's only good.

All I say is that, regrettably, it seems that war cannot be 'deprecated' yet, and that I believe it will continue to happen now and then. Very regrettably, but I see no alternatives. There's no Great Universal Arbiter to resolve issues that don't get resolved via interstate diplomacy, yet life must go on somehow. And I don't happen to have any sympathies to the ruling mullahs of Iran. I only regret we can't take out more of such players; in some places in Africa for example it's long overdue. Imo.

All right, let's get out of politics or we're gonna have a war right here on this very blog! :-)

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Another wipeout today at Amazon. All 23 comments from Harp's review of David L. Oakford's "Journey Through The World Of Spirit" were deleted, presumably because of the "spiritual" author's bullying demand. One happy note: MM (Marie) has entered the first "new" comment after the wipeout (the helpful votes, by the way, remain constant) praising the author who's allegedly communicated with assorted spirits following a near death experience after a drug overdose. Completely reasonable behavior on her part. Clearly, she's found in this guy a new soulmate. They're perfectly suited to one another.