Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet Another Klausner Outlet

Genre Go Round Reviews (very convenient: counts the number of reviews per month).


Cathy said...

One more website she's posting reviews. Please, could somebody figure out how to get her IP address. Look that up in a who is search engine and I suspect we'll find a server in India or Pakistan.

Although, Amazon would have the answer to that already, you would wonder with all the controversy if they KNEW her IP was coming from some little server in Georgia they'd settle it once and for all. I suspect they know the truth.

Barbara Delaney said...

She's everywhere! What a blight on the internet landscape this woman is. I had hoped Anne Rice telling her to put a sock in it might have helped, but alas, no. Perhaps Ms. Rice could send Lestat de Lioncourt after her. It might take the undead to kill the undead.

Cathy said...

Everyhwere indeed. It's just ridiculous to believe that one person can be writing these recaps and posting them on all these websites. There is just not enough time in the day.

Let's list them all so that maybe someone will do a recap on how long it takes to post say 100 reviews on XXX websites in one day. I'd say 1/2 hour to write them, plus say five minutes to copy, pull up next website, paste and go to the next?

Harriet's own site
This new one.

What are the other sites we've seen her on?

Malleus said...

Have you noticed that voting for comments seems to be disabled right now?