Saturday, March 22, 2008

Latest mischief from Marie M. a.k.a. Black Irish Latina

As I'm sure most of you have seen by now the latest attack on me by Marie M., Sharon S., Jeff G.,Lisa, Rachel, Elizabeth, Black Irish Latina,etc. has taken the form of her changing her latest fake name , Black Irish Latina, to my name, Barbara Delaney.

Under my name she is posting filth, profanity and abuse of other reviewers. And L.E. Cantrell is cheering her on, having become her friend yesterday. This vicious sociopath has now sunk to the lowest rung. Please join me in writing to Amazon and appealing her unfair appropriation of my name.


Stanley H Nemeth said...

I've sent off a letter to Amazon requesting they take appropriate action against this hag. If they are too chicken to remove her and her various noms de plume from the site, surely they could find a way to rein her in. I'd post the letter here, but how to do so transcends my technical skills, so I've mailed it off to you.
For the record, I wouldn't be surprised if her embittered, hilariously affected Canadian mentor Cantrell, a guy who's as ripe as an old cheese, probably came up with the idea of having her steal your identity. Despite her apparently endless reserves of malice, I suspect she's too stupid to have thought of it herself, having first settled instead on another dummy, Betty Dravis. If she's disciplined for her behavior, notice that Cantrell would get off scot free. Given his consistent bitchiness to you, such an escape strikes me as wholly consistent with his very ungallant notion of "Ladies First!"

Barbara Delaney said...


I'm pleased to be able to say that Amazon responded very quickly to my concerns. They promised swift action and indeed, they lived up to their assurances. They were sympathetic to my concern about the name spoofing, it's an old cyberwar technique and not one they welcome at their site.

They said they would check into the copious number of identities, I said that I felt this type of gaming the system brought no benefits to the Amazon community. If some minimum expectation of good behavior is not imposed on members by the powers that be at Amazon the site quickly becomes overrun by people giving in to their worst impulses. I sincerely hope there will be an end to this type of thing.

For the first time I have hope that the voting anomalies could be investigated, the person I dealt with at Amazon was extremely helpful and seemed to want the site to be an honest place. Maybe we could prevail upon them to bring light to bear on the murky vote gathering apparatus at Grady Harp's review site.

Cathy said...

They did act swiftly, I didn't even get a chance to drop them a note and all the comments were deleted. Good job.

Cathy said...

It appears that exeaglestightend83 has come out swinging, and quite nasty. One more MM identity, does she think she fools anyone?

Malleus said...

These rapidly multiplying "visitors" (FTF, entire MM-Goldberg family, fougere, amphibsey, exeagle, etc.) are so uniform and monotonous in their tone and stance, it feels like they're whirling around merging into a single entity, some proto-FTF. Because they inherit from one another absolutely everything but the screen name, I'm fairly certain it is one guy, and gee... such an ardent Harp defender, who could that be.