Saturday, March 8, 2008

Manipulating Amazon?

A new topic/confession on Amazon's DB's today. This 1Brandevx person is somehow mixed up in shameless shilling and promoting a self published book called The Fates written by a writer called Tino Georgiou AKA Giorgio Kostantinos. Interesting to note who the only reviewer of this book is, isn't it? What appears to be happening (and it's much more prevalent at Amazon UK) is that reviews of other books are being posted by multiple identities and include in the last sentence a recommendation for the book The Fates. Here is one example, look through the reviews and find the recommendation for the book in question. There's even a review on Powell's Books that mentions The Fates. You can read earlier discussions on this topic on the DB's here and here.

What's really funny is this author has a website address that's printed on his/her book(s) and forgot to register the domain, which some enterprising person took full advantage of. Just try googling this Tino person and see what kind of interesting hits you get.


Edited, just found another interesting listing at Powells, and another at B&N (that familiar name again!!!).

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