Sunday, March 30, 2008

How did Harriet get to be #1 anyway?

An interesting comment from a recent discussion on the Amazon DB's about Harriet in general. At least one person made the comment that Harriet debuted at the #1 position when Amazon first introduced reviewer ranking, which is interesting as prior to that all reviewers were not named and/or ranked. Thoughts?

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Malleus said...

"How did Harriet get to be #1 anyway?"

I don't think this is a difficult question: by posting zillions of reviews, that's how. It's very likely that she had been "blurbing" well before there was any Amazon, or online booksellers, or the internet itself. So I think, unsurprisingly, by the time Amazon started with reviews, she was very much in training (and probably had a sizeable store of already written reviews to post -- as well as connections with publishers whereby they would send her books for reviewing).