Fraud Hattie has posted 33 fake reviews so far this month, not much compared to her normal output of 7 per day.

Today's topic is "Readers" and "Fans", two of the many Maddie Hattie Favorites:

Here are some of the most common: "Fans will appreciate"," fans will appreciate"," fans will appreciate", "Fans will appreciate" (no, I did not stutter), "fans will enjoy", "Fans will enjoy", "fans will enjoy" (still not stuttering), "fans will laugh", "readers anticipate", "readers will appreciate", "Readers will appreciate", "Readers will appreciate", "Readers will appreciate", "readers will appreciate" (still not stuttering), "readers will believe", "readers will believe they are in London", "readers will enjoy" and "Readers will enjoy."

Then we have to not so common: "readers will enjoy Shiver", "readers will enjoy this lighthearted frolic", "readers will take over and under bets", and "readers will want to know why".

Here's one that's just plain gibberish: "The whodunit is fun to follow as readers, Dan and the Feds believe Kravitz is behind the dangerous crimes, but do not know who in the mystery writer's club he is"

Still, there are the motionless and fast-paced fans: "Still fans will appreciate", "Still fans will appreciate", "Still fans will enjoy", and "Fast-paced fans will enjoy".

This one is kinda disturbing: "readers will enjoy Sarah"

And, last but certainly not least, we have: "fans will relish", and you thought she could go a month without relish~

All from this month's 33 fake reviews posted by Fraud Hattie of books that she did not read.