Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Hidden Dragon Riseth


Roaming around Amazon randomly, and ran into a review by this individual. Read the review, and it was not particularly interesting or useful, just your standard worshipful amateur puff-piece. Or so I thought until I glanced at the postive votes: 399/400 since Feb. 2007 for a little-known niche TV series?


Harp NEEDS this person's cabal--Grady is strictly small-fry compared to this reviewer. Check it out, and laugh.

Lauren H. Lavine is the reviewer's name.




Barbara Delaney said...

Not only that but her comment on her own review of The Thorn Birds received 362 helpful votes. She assured readers that her review was an accurate assessment. That's a relief.

KG said...

And she is only ranked at 14,000. I have never seen so many positive votes on Amazon let alone with video section~

Malleus said...

Yeeehaw! Brilliant, MK, what a find. Let us apply the quantitative methodology that we've perfected on TNGHVM to that individual. I wonder what the initial voting rate will be... must be like a dozen per minute...