Monday, July 16, 2007

Plug your book?

Oh my, look what I stumbled across whilst reading a topic on the book discussions at Amazon.

I haven't read through all the threads but look at the topic of Amateur Book Reviews. FYI, it looks like you only get to read one page, but at the top left corner you can keep reading. Very illuminating.

If you want to join in that discussion on Amazon, pick any historical fiction book, scroll down to the bottom and under book discussions it's the thread "Calling all authors......"

Does anyone have Vic's email at the Dayton Daily News? He might like this one :-)


Malleus said...

Oh my, all familiar names there, what an assemblage :-) I wonder if a single unaffiliated as it were person bought this book. Even Lonnie Holder made his mark! Not only Nehi soda, no, no, no.

Malleus said...

> Top Reviewers have a special badge
> accompanying their pen names,
> such as Top 1000 Reviewer, Top
> 500 Reviewer, Top 50 Reviewer,
> Top 10 Reviewer or #1 Reviewer.
> Having one of these badges
> displayed among your book’s
> reviews isn’t the same thing as
> an endorsement by Amazon—it’s
> better. It’s a vote by a
> recognized community leader—
> someone who takes reviewing
> seriously, and has earned a
> reputation for helpfulness.

:-) Oh yeah, for sure. Klausner is No.1. No further commentary is necessary.

Personally, whenever I see 'Top Reviewer' or (and especially if AND) 'REAL NAME', I just skip this reviewer. I know chances are very high it's a hired scribbler; five books a day, five-stars guaranteed. "Reputation for helpfulness" my ass.

(The excerpt comes from page 42)

Malleus said...

Here's a good thread (this is a long address, concatenate the pieces):

Cathy said...

Good catch, I didn't even think of looking up the reviews on Amazon. A sterling cast of reviewers, indeed. (NOT!)

Cathy said...

Now why would a person who has no book to publish (i.e. all those top reviewers) spend time reading and reviewing a book about how to get one's book published? Hmmmm. Can I say something is rotten in Denmark?

Malleus said...

They all say it's for the love of it. OK. ;-)

KG said...

I am feeling left out since everyone seems to be plugging themselves on amazon... :0

Malleus said...

It's never too late! Got a link to the 'top' reviewers' directory? :-)

Cathy said...

kg, don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll get over it :-)

I can't believe it, but I actually have seen two reviews from one of the top reviewers that have actually impressed the heck out of me enough to want to leave comments on his beautifully written and well thought out reviews. Who would have "thunk"? Amazingly enough, they were on non-mainstream pulp fiction books, one a 150+ year old classic and the other on a 20 year old piece of historical fiction. A refreshing sight indeed.

Malleus said...

Where? Let me see.

Cathy said...

Malleus, I'm not sure I want to expose it to the world, just yet, and I think I'll make you work:-)

How about you try to find a book written about 150 years ago by an american author with the initials NH about a woman that the letter A was most prominent in the story.

Second, an author who writes glorious historical fiction about England and Wales, this one being about Llewelyn the Great, the author's initials being SKP.

Cathy said...

Sorry, I wanted to add to the post, but I'd already hit publish. I just haven't decided if this "top reviewer" is as legit as I feel he might be so I prefer not to name names.

All I can say is the two reviews that I stumbled upon by accident have been eloquent and very thought provoking, which is what I hope all reviews should be.

Malleus said...

Well, OK, then email me his name or link. I promise not to air this information. I'll keep my mouth shut. I will not disclose this information (except under torture).