Friday, July 6, 2007

Harriet Watch: Thirty-Eight (38) reviews today already.

Not bad, huh. :-)

PS. It's forty-five (45) now. !!!


Barbara Delaney said...

Did you see the latest review of Grady Harp's? Do you remember that doctor who used to leave that comment over and over about the "A.K.C. the anti-Klausner-club" and then he would mention that he was the author of "TerrO.R."?

I used to wonder if he was angry at Harriet because she hadn't reveiwed his book. Needless to say, Grady loved it.

Malleus said...

:-) Now I have; neato. Well... what can I say. Little by little we learn how the system works. Reconnaissance offensive sorta thing. Poke it with a twig and see what happens sorta thing. I wonder how The Doctor got Grady interested. That's one thing we haven't found a definitive answer to... why do they do it? What's the motivation?

Malleus said...

Btw, an interesting thing: TNGHVM got a bunch of my comments wiped out again, but with an interesting twist this time -- all deletions appear to have been completely simultaneous. I wonder if they got someone one the inside doing their bidding via blind database deletions. This couldn't possibly have been done on a one-by-one basis, and moreover, some of the deleted comments were totally innocent, having nothing to do with HK/Harp/etc., and not even posted in their review threads. It truly looks like a DELETE FROM COMMENTS WHERE name = 'hated enemy' :-)))

MK said...


Aside from a relatively-brief sense of annoyance at the unjust nature of your deletion, do not forget to view the positive aspect: you drove someone (or some group) into pouring massive amounts of energy into "defusing" your efforts. That has got to make you laugh--every time someone mentions you, or tries to refute you, or attempts to block your progress, they have proved that you, in effect, have power over their actions.

Isn't it funny how easily we can make the puppets dance?

"Oooooooohhh! They make me so angry...I'll GET them!"

Sad, sad little excuses for human beings are those who invent ridiculous excuses for the false reviewers. Makes for fun reading, though, just seeing which rationalization will next be presented, eh?

These masterful jesters have proven that a caste system indeed exists, even in cyberspace--and they are the untouchables. They are there for our entertainment, and nothing more.


Cathy said...

I noticed that with all those reviews posted today, LE Cantrell hasn't been over to comment/defend HK. Guess he'll wait until HK goes back to another two reviews a day mode.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

The number of Grady Harp's "friends" and "interesting people" on his profile page is growing at an exponential rate these days, kind of like rabbits, or better, alley cats. Also he's reviewing too much daily, though, of course, he still falls far short of that cottage industry called Harriet Klausner. Question for veterans of the Harp Wars: Is the pace of growth for his friends and reviews just his normal one, or has he begun something new, a surely futile "surge" in hopes of dislodging the unshakable queen of same from her ludicrous throne?

By the way, MK, I think you're exactly right about the unintentionally amusing rationalizations or bizarrely funny, because inappropriate, outrage and wild words of just about every fan club member who defends an indefensible "top" reviewer by coming out of the woodwork and posting a commentat Amazon. To tell the truth, I'm beginning to find them almost cute when they become angry.

Malleus said...

Yes, MK, thanks! I'm unaffected though: there's no news here. We've known all along that TNGHVM can perform that manoeuvre.

Stanley: I guess one of the valuable services that HK provides to the rest of the shilling community is that, compared to "her" output, someone else's half a dozen books a day look almost legitimate at first sight. Yet think of it... :-)