Monday, July 23, 2007

The Notorious Grady Harp Voting Machine sputters (?)

The latest three (?) reviews of Maître Harp appear stuck on about thirty votes for longer (far longer!) than usual! What's up with that? Stretching it over a week or something? Pulling that Klausner-pause thing on us? Get to work, mother@%@$@#$s! :-) Ninety votes or you don't get your supper.
What?! From Grady Harp's review of the film Factory Girl:
[...] But Edie spent all her wealth on parties and drugs and broken promises of fame, fell in love with an unnamed folk singer (Hayden Christensen - very shallowly imitating Dylan Thomas), and eventually fell out with the world and into the realm of drug addiction [...]
Dylan Thomas? Folk singer? In any case, whoever he was, Dylan Thomas was dead by that time. I haven't seen this movie, but this must be Bob Dylan, no? What's he smokin'? Grady, I mean.


Barbara Delaney said...

Oh, he'll get there, don't worry. Remember he's done this before. He must have an extremely low opinion of other people's intelligence. Does he really believe such a transparent move will convince his questioners that he's on the up and up? Even though there are less votes the totals still exhibit the uniformity of a voting ring. Doesn't he understand if the votes were genuine there would be a randomness to the totals?

Malleus said...

One thing at a time, Barbara. The NGHVM appear to be feigning a slower rate of vote arrival. Perhaps randomness will be addressed next. Maybe they'll create an set of intricate randomized timetables showing how these eighty people must vote over the course of, say, a year, so as to give the result an appearance of legitimacy. To do it right they need to hire a mathematician !

Barbara Delaney said...

Hilarious, this self-proclaimed culture vulture mistakes the poet Dylan Thomas with Bob Dylan. Do not go gentle into that good night, Grady.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

Grady has committed this sort of gaffe before. He confused Camus with Sartre, identifying the former as the author of "No Exit," though to his credit he did correct the mistake after I pointed it out, while probably then joining the group declaring my comments not helpful to the discussion. A little learning is a dangerous thing!

Barbara Delaney said...

Does anyone know the content of the comments from the person called Escape from Taurine on GH's reviews? I do recall that person once very memorably said that Grady Harp could get dozens of instant helpful votes if he reviewed a toilet plunger. But I missed these latest comments, they had just been deleted when I looked. I hope one of you can tell me what I missed.