Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Even more Soap Opera

Here is the link for an nice on going comment section for another one of Harriet's reviews:


Look at the post from Linda G, a new fan of HK perhaps?:

Harriet Klausner is a human being, a sensitive soul, as well as a speed reader. I sent her an E-mail asking a few questions about Amazon's reviewing policies when I began reviewing in 2005. I was surprised to receive a prompt, courteous reply to that first communication and to each of a few sent periodically since then.Is it time now to realize that this is a human soul being repeatedly battered? Give the bruises a rest.I wonder what would happen if those here wishing to decapitate Harriet's Number 1 rank would attempt something different for a few days...A few weeks ago, in one of my periodic taking time to post a few Yes votes on Harriet's list, I was going to post a comment with a compliment. I picked my favorite line in the review and was ready to quote it and say what I thought was interesting and well composed in it. When I got to the comments string I noticed that the line I had picked to compliment was the same line picked by those who wish to criticize Harriet's reviews endlessly. I was so shocked and saddened that I didn't post a comment at all.I realized that my compliment would give no solace to Harriet in any case. What human being putting our her type of production, and I know personally that she does write these reviews, would be able to read any of what is being posted here, and come away without needing a month to heal and regenerate the ability to breathe, let alone work?Decades ago, when I was giving public talks on rape prevention as a crime prevention officer in Portland, Oregon, what we taught foremost, in the case of being taken captive by a rapist, is to somehow get the person to see you as a human being.Harriet is a human being. She will continue posting reviews as Amazon's # 1 reviewer until she decides, for her own reasons, to stop. You are doing nothing to change that except contribute to ill will in the world.I'm wondering, honestly, how this group of posters would feel if they decided to try giving compliments to Harriet for a while, instead of a constant diet of negative input. I believe that not only would the posters feel a welcome relief, a sense of humanity, but the world might literally shift on its axis, to the good.Bless this world and its poor tortured souls who have need to do this type of slashing to another human being. I believe you know that you are not attacking something which is lifeless. You know what you are doing. Please stop. No, instead please turn your anger and hatred into something which might begin to be compassion for a fellow creature.Forgive them for they know not what they do. Or do they.It's past time for me to go cook supper for a husband who works nights in a coal mine.

And I had a good laugh from Brandi in response:

oh god. linda save the preaching for someone who CARES. and i no more believe you then i believe harriet. as touching as your little speech is you said nothing to prove she isn't a fraud


scotdog98 said...

Why does the Harriet thread seem to be a mine field for emotional people?

She had me going until the “going to cook dinner for my coal mining husband”. Gee I need to go cook dinner for my graphic artist.

Barbara Delaney said...

I'm sure Amazon will remove that mess in short order, as well they should. This using of the review comment section to carry on tired old battles of personal spite should stop. And I'm not talking about commenting on Harriet Klausner's reviews. Some of those people I have never heard of, I think some antipathies from the discussion board are finding their way to Harriet Klausner's reviews.

Some of those people seem to be in contention with one another over the question of who has been on Amazon the longest. Who cares? They seem to think it gives their comments additional weight, that somehow they have some status due to their longevity.

One commenter, who has not weighed in on this particular discussion, has recently adopted the stance of Amazon expert. He is the explicator of Amazon minutia, all questions of voting, ranking, etc. he speaks to with great authority. Yet when you examine what he says invariably it's what some group of people think is the system used, it's opinion based, not fact based. But you would think it was engraved on stone tablets and he was Moses.

Cathy said...

"coal mining husband"??!! In PORTLAND OREGON? Baristas, grunge rock musician, Techies (did I spell that right?), and all kinds of other careers available in the northwest, but a coal miner? I don't think so.

Jeez, she makes me ashamed to admit I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I know we're a bit too warm and fuzzy and tree hugging around here, but this takes the cake.

Deborah Hern said...

Ok, I admit, I didn't get through her entire sermon. I passed out due to sugar shock!! What is this woman's deal? Oh... why do I ask that as if there's going to be a real answer in the offing?? Hope springs eternal, I guess.

Malleus said...

Sometimes I wonder if these guys aren't Amz employees trolling around just to raise commotion. No publicity is bad sorta thing...

Cathy said...

I seem Ms. Sugar is complaining because her reviews on her own books were pulled by Amazon -- didn't know the rules and thought she was open and up front.

Italian_Goddess said...

awww i blushed when i saw i was mentioned :">