Friday, June 29, 2007

That Nasty HK typo that won't get fixed

Jeez. In a review (noted by Barbara, good catch), HK used the word nig instead of big. Despite being reported as inappropriate (I know I pushed that button), it still lingered. So, I emailed Amazon with the review link and note about the inappropriate sentence. Here's their response:

"Thanks for writing to Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.You can submit product correction requests online. At the bottom of the product detail page of every item on our web site (with the exception of not-yet-released items), you should see a blue Feedback or Suggestion Box where you can report any inaccuracies in that item's listing on our site.When submitting corrections, enter the information *exactly* as it should appear. For example, do not submit Title information in all lower-case or upper-case letters; all words must be spelled correctly.If your correction is approved, it should appear online within 5 to 7 business days. We must be able to verify the accuracy of the new information from multiple sources. If we're not able to, we can't process it.Thanks for visiting"



Malleus said...

A form-letter case. :-) No one read what you wrote, at least not for comprehension. Leave it alone, let it be 'nig'. Well, in this particular case, I think, if you keep bugging them, at some point someone will take a look at what you're talking about.

But in general, I feel we have to stop complaining to Amazon about Amazon. They aid and abet all the stuff that goes on there, so it's useless... btw, I figured why if you delete and repost a review, even several years after you'd posted it originally, it appears with the original posting date: that is so that a reviewer could get rid of comments w/o changing the appearance of his review. I can't think of any other reason this could be designed to work this way... one more nuance.

Stanley H Nemeth said...

I agree with Malleus' probable interpretation of Amazon's neglect here. When some postings in the comments section of a Harp review were wrongly tagged as "deleted by the author," it took my own responses to 3 inappropriate form letters and one phone call from Amazon BEFORE the forces there could even begin correctly grasping the problem, much less setting out to solve it. After bugging Amazon incessantly, I was told the appropriate department there would look into the matter of this possible lapse in the site's vaunted "security," though no date, of course, could be given for a possible resolution. Instead, I was given the vague invitation to contact THEM again at some future date of my own devising.
Not surprisingly, the cause of the incorrectly tagged deletions to this day remains a mystery.

Malleus said...

Same thing here; I just had to close the account -- that was the only definitive recommendation I got from them. Which, btw, is a strange operation: my reviews and profile are still there; the reviews are getting votes, and I even get email notifications to my, now supposedly unused, email address. It appears that the only thing that got 'closed' was my capability to log in. (Hopefully everyone else's too, but, seeing how it works, who knows...)