Friday, June 1, 2007

What is going on?

Not trying to be melodramatic or anything, but there is a heck of a lot more hostility in the comments than there ever used to be! My jaw actually dropped while I was reading some of the comments posted today. I used to enjoy reading some of FTF's comments, but now he seems to be on the attack against Barbara - anything she posts, he immediately jumps on! What happened to him??!? What is going on?


Moderator said...

I agree, yes. Suddenly he seems to dislike Barbara; I'm not sure why.

Still, his posts are not purely personal, he does try to make a few general points -- and not very well, I feel. Very strange.

Misfit said...

I'm with you there. It gets nastier every day. I'm beginning to think it's not worth trying to drag any of them into an intelligent discussion. Kudos to Barbara and JJJS for having the courage to try. I thik I'd rather just lurk and read the comments for the time being.

Deborah Hern said...

Not only are the comments getting nastier, they're getting more incoherent, too. My guess is that a lot of the posters (not members here, obviously) are trolls, just looking to stir up trouble. I say that because they seem to flip-flop their viewpoint, depending on what's going to make the most waves.

Maybe I've been looking at the 'wrong' reviews, but I have yet to see people leaping to HK's defense, and claiming that she reads every book. (I've never been on the message boards, so I have no idea what's going on there.)

Barbara Delaney said...


Check out a book "The Peloponnesian War: Athens, Sparta and the Struggle for Greece" by Nigel Bagnall.

It has three reviews, Boudville, Gunny and the unsinkable Harriet Klausner! Surely I will be awarded some sort of prize for this remarkable find?

Speaking of prizes, JJJS's guess of Labor Day for when HK will hit 14,000 is looking better all the time.

Moderator said...

:-))) Indeed. Remarkable: all three shills left their marks and no one else. Btw, I think it's a good book. Publishers are very foolish to hire these turds to post their drivel 'cause this effectively detracts from the book -- which is fine for HK's kind of literature, but in other cases is actually regrettable.