Monday, June 18, 2007

Tricky W.Boudville

Our friend W.Boudville would like to look legit, we've already mentioned that. Just so his reviewing record does not appear all-positive, once in a while he picks something real obscure or very, very old -- and gives it a bad review. For example, here our cunning friend W.Boudville picked two technical books that are fourteen years old and slammed them — for what? For being obsolete. That's brilliant.

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Barbara Delaney said...

I had looked at those earlier today. Of course, it was right after that amazing flood of sixty books in two days.

His areas of expertise are quite extensive. Everything scientific, geo-political, information technology/computers, medical, true crime,etc. he speaks with authority on. We haven't seen such depth of mind since Gunny and his gang.