Sunday, June 3, 2007

Negative Votes and other thoughts

One question I have and it maybe so obvious, how do you know what you start getting negative votes? Is it when you look on your profiler page and one of your reviews has the example of: 0 out of 2 people think about your review?
I've been noticing this on my newer reviews I have written, not that it phases it me too much because god forbid I want to be number 1 like Harriet! I also noticed that she hasn't been getting too many helpful votes for her reviews, so I guess that goes for something.
I also find it so hilarious that Harriet will be reaching the 14,000 mark, probably by the end of the week and it makes me think how many books I have read in my lifetime. I am turning 31, and started reading hardcore around 13. So give or take I have been reading for about 17 years. I think I can clock the amount of books I have read both in school and personally maybe near 1000, possibly give or take a few hundred.
I wonder why Guiness hasn't gotten in tough with her for the most prolific reader ever in history! LOL


Misfit said...

There is someone consistently hitting my new reviews with negatives, and it's alway two and one right after the other, and within 1-2 days after the review has been posted. Obviously someone with WAY too much time on their hands.

Interestingly, one of my Amazon friends (no names mentioned, but thanks) left some comments on my reviews and someone actually took the time to go back through EVERY ONE of those comments and left two negs (occasionally three) on them.

Truly a pathetic individual.

Misfit said...

Intersting, but our "french" friend JF made a ton of comments on HK's reviews in the wee hours of the morning. All of them came back with two helpful votes.

Moderator said...

Just a bunch of childish imbecility. To be ignored (in my view). Negging on political basis makes some people feel better, so god bless them... anything so long as there's no bodily harm and destruction of property! :-)