Friday, June 8, 2007

Top Reviewers Soliciting Items for Review Update

Interesting, I had noted earlier that I had sent an email to Amazon about blatant pandering for items to review. I received another email today that they ARE STILL CONSIDERING the matter, and begged me for my patience. Oh, I'd like to be a fly on that wall!


Moderator said...

Neat. I'm really surprised they even addressed that, and I'm very interested in what they'll eventually tell you.

I mean, it can't be a surprise for them that a lot (most?) of their officially 'top' reviewers are reviewing on demand and schedule, acting like publisher personnel rather than a regular Joe Sixpack who happened to read a book and liked it (or not).

So what have they been investigating? Of course this kind of solicitation has been taking place. Their whole reviews system is set up for it to take place.

KG said...

I really don't think Amazon will do anything unless they stop with the ranking overall. That will seems to be the easiest answer, no clicking negatively or positivly, no number one reviewer of numver 1 million.
What are these publishers thinking honestly? Plus, the amount of other websites and other bloggers who get ARC's and galleries are doing the same as the amazon reviews. So they can't think Amazon is the end all and be all of reviews.

Misfit said...

I'm not naming names, God only knows how that would be represented at the review comments by the spreaders of mistruth. Here's a portion of a top reviewer's in my own words:

"I am VERY interested in receiving classical music CDs or DVDs for review.....We can discuss my reviews and what you are interested in my writing for you"

I thought that was just a tad bit blatant and sent an email to Amazon, and from the follow ups I'm getting, they must be taking this seriously (I hope). Will keep you informed.

Barbara Delaney said...

I have written to Amazon a number of times. When it was related to a purchase the replies were prompt. On other issues, particularly those related to reviewing practices, I've received no answer. Not even a form letter.

Two days ago I sent them an email about the new layout. I received a reply within sixteen hours.