Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Curious comments


PS. Notice Quality Comments(TM) by 'Alrin':
Alrin said...

Sorry, Pat, but what exactly is the point of this post? Maybe I've missed something, but it seems to me that the intent is to give this particular reviewer a bit of a bashing. Just don't seem like cricket to me, especially when coming from a fellow reviewer.

Correct me if I totally missed the point.
Yes, Alrin, you've totally missed the point -- or maybe you pretend to, since the issue is a really easy one. The problem is here: "especially when coming from a fellow reviewer". 'Reviewer' is not the problem, you see. Fraud is. Still a fellow? Fellow fraud?


Barbara Delaney said...

I'm always puzzled when someone rushes to the defense of this obvious fraud. The fellow in question then goes on to say he knows nothing about her. (!) Why rush to share your opinion of someone or something you've admitted you know nothing about?

Malleus said...

Quality Comments(TM) ! Out of professional loyalty, I guess.