Sunday, August 12, 2007

Did Hurried Klausner hurry too much?

See this review. Interestingly enough, HK posted a review for the book on B&N without the duplicate paragraphs (as best as I can tell, my eyes hurt bad enough reading her reviews) and with four stars instead of the five she gave it on Amazon.

Hurried Klausner (love that by the way!), seems to have been way too busy copying and pasting just a little bit too much. Doubled paragraphs and a double signature, and WHEW what a title for her review. I guess posting all those reviews the last couple of days --- where is LE Cantrell when we need him to count for us anyway? I went back to page ten or so before I could find something posted before August 10.

Another note on these recent reviews. She does review some erotica books in the latest bunch, but seems to have toned down the her randy side and the sex scenes aren't described in such excruciating and tasteless detail.

I also noted that one of the books she reviewed today was written by Amazon's #26 reviewer,


Barbara Delaney said...

In her tremendous hurry to post as many reviews as possible proofreading is clearly something she has no time for.

But Amazon not only allows this to continue but now even encourages authors to write comments in defense of Hurriet. It's amazing what depths some people will sink to in order to receive a five star review written by someone who seems to be either a liar or delusional.

Malleus said...

Stupendous! Now I really know the meaning of LMAO :-)

You go, girl.

Cathy said...

Too funny, but revieweer #26 has been SO POLITE whilst pointing out the errors in HK's review of her new book.

Stephanie said...


The number 26 reviewer is J. Lovin's. What book did she write that Harriet wrote a "review" for? I can't find it.

Also, did you look at the "reviews" written by J. Lovin's? She gets a lot of compaints, too. Mostly that she copied the review from something called CPI (?) and that she has has the wrong review for the product advertised. Much like Hurriet. "Top" reviewers. What can you say...

Malleus said...

Oh, this is another candidate for our list of Our Friends Top Reviewers. Several reviews every day, all five stars (as far as I could see, which is a few pages), all reviews read like liner notes, completely impersonal. Another jokester... I didnt' see any complaints though.