Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mark-O got another book to sell.

A new book to sell, a new review on the Mark-O reviews list. But this time he took trouble to write a new review for it (rather than pasting in his "Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!" piece one more time). Why the change?


Barbara Delaney said...

I wonder what exactly it was that made such an impression on Mark-O in a book about Chrysler steering wheels and dashboards that he finally broke down and wrote an actual review. It must be one helluva book.

Malleus said...

There's another one now: a one-liner but not a copy/paste "Excellent!" thing. I guess, he's noticed that he's been noticed. He has also deleted a few existing reviews -- the ones with comments; understandable. Time to post more comments there. ;-)