Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PD Harris weighs in

With his habitual perspicacity PD Harris (remember PD Harris?) comments (No.13) on our post (No.12).


KG said...

Finally other bloggers are discussing this!!
And everytime I see an actually book with a quote from HK review's I really pity them.

Barbara Delaney said...

Oh God, as soon as I saw that name I groaned. I remembered his incredibly tedious comments from Vick's site.

My favorite comment of his was when he said he "didn't have time" to read through everyone elses comments but then he would write these seemingly endless pieces of nonsense that he expected other people to wade through.

Guess what, P.D.? I don't have time to read the ramblings of yet another self-appointed Amazon "expert".

Stanley H Nemeth said...

In Comment No. 15, I've attempted to put the snaffle in the mouth of tiresome PD Harris. Is it some recent development in our culture that has produced persons like Harris, self-righteous defenders of the bad practice of others?