Sunday, August 5, 2007

"It is an exciting time in neuroscience"

So says our friend Top Reviewer W.Boudville. We'll take his word for it!


Barbara Delaney said...

Boudville is the undisputed king of the sentence fragment. He thinks that you can take any random grouping of words and as long as the first word begins with a capital letter and there is a period placed at the end it makes a sentence. Here are some examples of "sentences" from his most recent reviews:

Dating back centuries.
To inspire youngsters to such heights.
Like doing date computations.
From which to garner experience.
Who were the unfortunate hosts of several Crusades.
The use of comic masks in traditional Italian dramas.
The "people bombs" and the car bombs.
On the backs of long suffering peasants and serfs.

This man would have us believe he reads and reviews several volumes a day on far-ranging subjects from medicine to history, from Italian theater and neuroscience but he doesn't know how to write a complete sentence. How could anyone read so much and learn so little?

Malleus said...

Yup. :-) Him and Gunny. Rocket scientists.