Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lambert's Ghosttown: Rivitting !

Harriet Klausner, born in the USA, holder of an MLS degree, whose thesis topic apparently was 'the Impact of Science Fiction Reading by High School Seniors on Standardized Reading Scores', evaluates the book Ghosttown (by Mercedes Lambert) thusly: "Rivitting". Yeah, I believe she writes these reviews... their a rivitting, absolutly rivitting reed; Harriet, your brilient; your a Great Literary Authority who's No.1 Position as an Amazon reviewer is clearly justified.

Btw, today, she's already read eight (8) books. I mean at least eight: she reviewed eight but maybe she's read more: after all, Harriet doesn't review everything she reads: she reviews only the books that she likes a lot, four- or five-star ones. Eight reviews today. That, after having read (reviewed) what, fourteen books yesterday? Awesome, simply awesome.


Barbara Delaney said...

She also misspelled author Michael Connelly's name in that same review. It seems that she, (or whoever was writing those reviews), was exercising some care when all the attention was brought to bear on her reviews. That care has clearly fallen by the wayside, she/they are back to their old tricks.

Malleus said...

Seems like that, yes. Going full monty, as it were, and damn the torpedoes.