Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ted Klotz: Now Here's An Honest Reviewer (NOT!)

I give credit for this to a posting by Claudia I on the Amazon discussions.

See Reviews by Edward Klotz. I do believe that's spamming, isn't it?

See his book, The Trigger Event. Nice to see he gave him self five stars for a non-review.

Let's see, wonder if I report this to Amazon they will take appropriate action, unlike what happens with complaints about the wonderful and untouchable top reviewer, Harriet Klausner. Odds, anyone?

NOTE by moderator: since these reviews seem gone, I'd like to quote one of his reviews here (no worry, it's not much): "Brilliant! An excellent book! If you like quality political thrillers you should check out The Trigger Event" -- and so it went for about about six pages' worth of such 'reviews' for all kinds of books. I'll also post a link to the cached versions of some of it -- just so a newcomer could see what it was all about. Here's the reviews, and here Edward Klotz reviews a book by Ted Klotz, five stars. The cache will be gone at some point, but for now let's point to it.


Barbara Delaney said...

Why not leave him up for comedy relief?

His reviews are every bit as useful as Hurriet's and not nearly as numerous. I'd rather save the complaints for the worst offenders.

Stephanie said...

I am guessing Edward is Ted's brother? I wonder if Ted knows that Edward is doing this. How inappropriate.

Barbara Delaney said...


I believe they're the same person. You know, using Ted as a nickname for Edward? As in Teddy Kennedy aka Edward Moore Kennedy.

Not since Linda Shelnutt have we seen an author so enamored of their own efforts.

Stephanie said...

Gotcha! He should have choose a different nickname.

Malleus said...

Ted Klotz earned a place on our list! Kind of like Mark-O.

Btw, "Peter Joe Sanchez" (the guy who posted the only other review for Ted Klotz's book) looks funny as well: this is the only review he's ever left; the profile's empty -- looks like a sock-puppet account. Not for sure, but suspicious.

I tend to distrust single-review posters... especially if their only review is five stars, vacuous, and full of hype (which is the case here).

Another cheesy smartass has been exposed! Our thanks go to Claudia I and Cathy.

Cathy said...

All the credit to Claudia I, I only stumbled across it. **blush**.

Malleus said...

Don't be shy, stumbling onto stuff is important.

Malleus said...

The guy's reviews disappeared before my very eyes. I got there, they were fine; I refreshed the page, they were gone.

I hope it's Amazon. But: if so, why is Mark-O still displaying his 34 cookie-cutter bs 'reviews'?

Cathy said...

"Don't be shy, stumbling onto stuff is important."

LOL, I should know better, I'm a credit manager. You should see the stuff I stumble upon when I google a contractor/his phone # and/or his address.

I did complain, but by the time Amazon got around to my complaint the reviews were gone. I don't know if he deleted them, or another complaint got him. I know the topic of his reviews got a few people ired, it was in the book discussions, not the DB.

Barbara Delaney said...

There still remains one review for his book, The Trigger Event. Strangely enough the review is written by a man who has written just that one review.

An adorable sock-puppet no doubt.