Fraud Hattie has posted 39 fake reviews so far this month, 12 of them posted just today.

Again, today's topic will be Readers/Fans:

Here are some of the most common:
"fans will appreciate" "fans will enjoy Ms. Plaidy's saga as the enjoyable storyline enables fans" "fans will enjoy this fun whodunit" "Fans will enjoy this gritty tale" "Fans will enjoy" "Fans will enjoy" "fans will enjoy" "readers will appreciate" "Readers will appreciate" "readers will appreciate" "Series fans will enjoy this entry" "readers who enjoy a gritty extended family Scottish street lit drama will appreciate"

Then we have to not so common:
"Fans will keep reading in one sitting" "provides readers with" "The cast makes fans feel Welcome to Harmony" "Character driven fans will enjoy" "Character driven readers will remember"

Let's see, what can we call this category? Bazaar: "contemporary fans from the moment" "hooked readers will wonder" "inanely cutesy fans will enjoy"

Still, there are the motionless and fast-paced fans:
"Still fans will enjoy" "Fast-paced fans of the series will enjoy" "Fast-paced readers will wonder" "Fast-paced series fans will appreciate"

Fraud Hattie cannot go a month without Relish:
"fans will relish" "readers will relish" "sub-genre fans will relish" "historical fans especially of the Grail Quest series will relish"

All from this month's 39 fake reviews posted by Fraud Hattie of books that she did not read.