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Prepositions, "Ases", and the Weird and Wacky (IID)

Part IIA gave you an overview of the kinds of deficiencies we see in Harriet’s use of the English language, particularly focusing on incorrect words and compound words.

Part IIB, examined the application of singulars and plurals, verb tenses, and redundancies in a cross-section of Klausner’s reviews.

Part IIC talked about Harriet’s problems with pronouns and possessives and how she interchanges nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs.

This section studies prepositions; use of the word “as”; sentences without subjects or verbs, or both; and sentences that are just too strange to call much of anything.

Prepositions became a very interesting study. In looking at their overuse and wrong choice of prepositions, we discover that prepositions tend to derail Harriet’s sentence structures, sending her off on little adventures in creative English.  Oh, those pesky little two, three, and four letter words!  Pay attention, because some of them are very funny.

Harriet’s Wording
Correct Wording
an intriguing biography that combines knowledge obtained from family correspondence mostly written by the upper class heroine about the state of Victorian art and aristocratic history.
The ensemble cast including the lead trio
they use every legal technique known to the   American economy to reduce costs as close to ground zero as possible
as both prefer that  the attraction would just go away
Complex as the audience learns much about   Aaron, Dorothy and their marriage.  Love does not denote happiness and camaraderie since it can be  both destructive and constructive.
she finds his caring for his family nice
she has an innate knack  for knowing when someone makes something up
Jessica decides to take a stroll on the beach
his boorishness is caused by love at first sight leaving him unable to speak
In Atlantis God, as with its predecessors, he succeeds.
as the highest ranked female cop in the Kansas City, Missouri police department
A professional with passion for the job
the trio wants to do what is best for the child
In return for saving his life, Coyote asks Atticus “to” reciprocate
assault “on”
Darlene and CPA Brad Henderson relocate the family from Houston to Round Top
temptation in the form of student’s father has Darlene considering what she never thought “of” in all her years of marriage.
the Rogerses’ home was burglarized “for” their artifacts.
a similar horde will descend on Luther’s Bend
she struggles with her ethics over  doing the right thing
Elise LeRoy, the Oscar winning Otherworld   actress, receives a threatening letter in blood drops
what made humanity unique is compassion and the nurturing of others
understanding his agency’s mantra is opposite to the Marines’ “Left Behind”.
In remittance for being saved from eternal from
a rare look inside the Missionary of Charity, especially Mary Johnson’s work as Sister Donata alongside Mother.
he travels to the Isle of Jago to probe into the archbishop’s homicide.
The Jedi and the sibling follow leads into the heart of the perilous Hutts where crime lords rule.
Sir James Smiley, Esq., sends a letter to Thea Martin asking her to come see him.
the tree fell on his chest.
Unaware that one just does not retire, his plan is to leave the enforcement business.
a powerful, timely thriller with application to our society
filled with remorse over what he is doing to David behind his back
Grandpa Atherton steals the show in this fast-paced whodunit
James hires Cat to help him with his external baseball business activities.
he turns into a Pixie due to Chicory’s magic
He sees her frequently at the station
a wonderful tale of a couple as much in love as they were in their Aggie days.
to work as a lifeguard and teacher of young   children at the local pool alongside David.
Kathy Cooke assigns her Red Cell duo to uncover why China leaders feel immune
She demands that Benjamin’s widow Mary tell her the truth with no omissions or deceptions.
he cannot grant her what she covets

We’re going to examine Hattie’s overuse of the word “as”.  It’s a tiny word with lots of different meanings, but it’s Klausner’s go-to word for just about everything.  It is one of the many reasons that her sentences become garbled, irritating, or impossible to follow.

Finally, we near the end with the last category—Weird and Wacky.  These are examples of strings of words that are too bizarre to fit anywhere else, but show a certain disconnect with the English language.

Well.  Wow.  Hmmmm.   Uh . . .   Hmmmmmm.   (Picking my jaw up from the floor.)  Let me take some time to gather myself because I just don’t know what to say.

Does this look like meeting the core standard of English writing, communication, and storytelling skills to you?   Worse yet, Klausner’s mad math skills make her English skills look like pure genius.  

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