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The Anti-Literature Killer! - Review by Harriet Klausner

The Anti-Literature Killer!
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***** super serial killer thriller, January 26, 2013

A murderer in rural Georgia appears to be targeting book lovers.   The crimes are extraordinarily brutal and the media has nicknamed the murderer the Anti-Literature Killer.  When another killing takes place in a local bookstore the FBI’s Behavioral and Analysis Unit sends in its top profiler to investigate the case.  The victim, a tourist from Arizona, was bludgeoned in the head with an obviously unread book; the title of which has no relevance to the plot at all.

Profiler Malleus spends his time flashing his badge and donning the ubiquitous gloves he appears to have a fetish for wearing.   The local female gendarme admires his style and wonders what other, more intimate, articles of clothing might be of interest to his lower head.   L.Donner, the coroner, exams the body and states the obvious.   Along with a blow to the head, the upper head he notes as the victim is a female, the eyes have been gouged out.       

The author’s first book is a taut, terrifying thriller.  The multilevel, morbid mystery features a glove wearing protagonist who keeps his hands to himself enabling him to deal with a large cast of women who are either victims, witnesses, perpetually disheveled or living with cats. The storyline grips the reader from the moment the latest murder victim is found dead.  As the search for a madwoman obsessed with relish heats up the secondary characters, particularly a hot doc whose moniker is Gorilla, will delight sub gene fans attracted to oddly named characters and five star reviews.  

Harriet Klausner


Anonymous said...

HAHA! It made me laugh! Thanks! This review is an accurate depiction of an HK review. I'm sad to say that even this facsimile is better her "reviews." I'm sure the sub-genre fans will love the hot sequel, too!

Chick Pilot said...


Once again you have ""Klausnerized" a fine author. You give away plot points and and even get characters genders wrong. I happen to know L Donner is a SHE. (I'm too discreet to say how I know this). To all readers of this review: BEWARE! Read other reviews to get a better sense of the story.

Anonymous said...

Chick Pilot,

I agree! I'm the author and this hack got my story wrong! I've deliberately used her name as the killer in my story, in order to see whether she'll notice it. Typically, she didn't! I've worked real hard in developing the plot points, only to have a semi-literate fraud reveal spoilers! UGH! Plus, there is no mention of lower-heads! My book is a thriller and not soft porn. Harriet should go and "review" Fifty Shades of Boring Porn! Readers PLEASE avoid this fake review!